Monday, August 17, 2009

public opinion

With RNRL releasing advertisements in all small and big newspapers on Monday morning, a new dimension has been added to the gas opera. Monday reportedly saw the first of many such advertisements as RADAG has decided to protect the interests of its 8 million strong shareholder family. The oil ministry is clearly in the line of fire.

The mobilising of public opinion in the process is significant because ADAG is obviously involving the people of India in this battle over gas, a national resource. It is the responses from common folk which are astounding. They are reportedly spewing invective at 'gaswale' uncle Murli Deora and elder brother Mukesh Ambani for appropriating a national resource. Meanwhile, poor NTPC and RNRL with concluded contracts in the bag wait for both RIL and MoPNG to honour their commitments.

By taking the battle to the streets, ADAG has decided that the time has come to ensure that justice delayed is not denied. It is now up to the apex court to give a just and equitable decision so that NTPC and RNRL can soldier on, despite the dilatory tactics of Mukesh Ambani and Murli Deora. With NTPC all set to jump into the SC with its own SLP after the SG and AG rapped it for being overly defensive and not seeking to enforce their contract with RIL. Expect more drama in the coming days.

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Gautam said...

Through advertisements in various newspapers, the group has attacked the Centre by saying the petroleum ministry wanted state-owned power utility National Thermal Power Corporation to pay a price that was 80 per cent higher than what the latter had itself offered to the corporation.

Anil Ambani has sought to seek and create public opinion in this case by inviitng and making the common man of India a part of this dispute.

indeed its not just the big corporates but also the nation that stands to suffer