Sunday, August 9, 2009

ab CAG ki bari

A harassed Comptroller and Auditor General has finally written to the oil ministry asking for access to RIL's books in order to audit the government's gas contract with Mukesh Ambani owned company. For as long as two years, the audit body has been unable to access RIL's books. Shocking, no?

CAG has been waiting to audit RIL's capital expenditure development plan of Rs 45,000 crore for the KG Basin gas fields. This in turn forms a key area of the government's production sharing contract with RIL. CAG wants to examine the field development programme to see how much the government's share of profit gas actually is and whether RIL has inflated the capex plan to obfuscate the issue further.

The oil ministry according to reports will facilitate the meeting between RIL and CAG shortly. Another sad chapter in the holding the nation to ransom story of RIL. Tells you of how RIL disregards autonomous government institutions in its brazen appropriation of national resources.

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Shivangi said...

Unable to access RIL's books for auditing the CAG hadto fianlly seek help from the Petroleum Ministry!!!! what remains to be seen is whether the ministry will help them or not....apparently the Oil min has written to RIL to give CAG access but whether this will happen, anybody's guess

The CAG has not been able to access the accounts of RIL to conduct the audit of the government's production-sharing contract with the company for Krishna-Godavari basin gasfor 2 years now and because of which the audit has gone into a limbo