Saturday, August 15, 2009

nyay aur anyay

Nyay aur anyay ki ladai mein, senior counsel Ram Jethmalani chose Anil Ambani over Mukesh Ambani. Why? Ram Jathmalani was on TV the other day and he gave a background to his association with Dhirubhai Ambani and the family. As he said, "I am sad that two sons of a dear friend of mine are squabbling. I am sad at the venom that they are displaying for one another. I knew both the brothers, just as I knew their father. At the condolence meeting, I had told the two brothers to embrace and stay together as one powerful combine. I am saddened that Mukesh Ambani disobeyed me and that is why I am appearing for Anil Ambani in this case."

Despite this Jethmalani, one of the most respected counsels in the country is still speaking the language of settlement. Why? Jethmalani believes that an unwritten rule of the Bar is to avoid litigation at all costs. Don't foment litigation, is what Jethmalani says. Only lawyers make money that way, he continues. Listen to your mother, argues the practical senior counsel. Jethmalani feels all this could have been avoided if the lawyers had paid heed to the Bar's unwritten code and Mukesh Ambani had allowed his mother to intervene and resolve the matter amicably.

Goes to show how even the law of the land was not required to settle this contentious issue. Only if the two brothers had resolved the matter and only if Mukesh Ambani was willing to honour his side of the commitments. First to NTPC and then to RNRL. But he chose to reneg because he didn't want to part with the gas that the unified Reliance Industries had discovered.

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