Tuesday, August 4, 2009

kissa gas ka

Ye na mera hai, na tera, yeh gas toh sarkar hai, so says oil minister Murli Deora. Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh tears into him on the floor of the house, stopping short at calling him a thief. Soon after, Anil Ambani launches into Deora saying that the oil minister has adopted a partisan approach on the issue from day one to protect the interests of elder brother Mukesh Ambani. By evening, government counsel in the Supreme Court on the gas row Mohan Parasaran says that government has a case vis a vis sovereign ownership and will intervene suitably in the matter.

Excuse me, isn't this matter sub judice? Isn't this matter being heard in the SC? What is the matter with everybody? Look around you, propriety has been given a decent burial. Former home secretary Anil Baijal is the spokesperson for the private airline operators and he calls for a strike on behalf of them. So, he is opposing the government, isn't he? Former TRAI chairman and disinvestment secretary Pradeep Baijal is operating on behalf of Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata owned PR company, serving their corporate interests by walking the corridors of power and lobbying on their behalf.

Now oil minister is brazenly and blatantly talking the talk and walking the walk for Mukesh Ambani in parliament. What is happening to this country? What has happened to high moral ground, public propriety and other such monikers? I guess it is a sign of the times that sitting politicos and former bureaucrats have decided to cast the cloak of propriety aside and support their respective business interests. But does this reflect well on the government its Prime Minister who is known for his standards of ethicality and integrity? Sad to see public life degenerating into this kind of a joke. And all for 20 pieces of silver. Think of the apex court's position in the gas row. It is unable to enforce a code of conduct among the various players including the minister and the government counsel. What happened to sub judice? Earlier people would think twice before taking and view publicly on the matter.

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