Thursday, August 6, 2009

ek aur gaswala

The debut in parliament of another gaswala, this time not an uncle, but a Reliance Industries minion Parimal Nathwani is exteremly important in the context of the ongoing gas opera for it tells us how the sanctity of prliament is being misused and abused to further naked corporate interests. RIL's Gujarat strongman and Narender Modi groupie Nathwani an 'independent' MP in the upper house declared his affiliation for RIL openly.

By openly and aggressively saying that he represents the corporate interests of RIL, he has thrown up questions over the very existence of such individuals in the two houses. CPM MP Brinda Karat saddened with the way things are working out has even compalined to the Rajya Sabha chairperson vice president Hamid Ansari on this nexus and how it impacts the dignity of the house. She has spoken about the conflict of interest extending now to the conflict of dignity of the house. And rightly so. Nathwani's open advocacy makes one wonder where Indian democracy is headed?

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