Friday, July 31, 2009


Anil Ambani in an interview to Times of India says that, "My respected elder brother has made it amply clear, both within the family, and externally, that he does not visualise any further role for my respected elder brother in resolving this matter or any other matter." This confirms the news that has been floating in Mumbai's stock market that Mukesh Ambani is flying on auto pilot. He has chosen to disregard his mother Kokilaben Ambani's counsel in resolving the problems with his brother. Everyone thinks this is a huge folly for the mother is believed to be the only one who can still across the table with the two estranged brothers and get them to engage with one another.

As part of the same interview, Ambani Jr says that, "Facts are being distorted to suggest that the RIL-RNRL agreement amounts to private division of national property...We are not claiming any rights to ownership of the KG Basin gas fields. All our claims are purely from RIL's lawful ownership and entitlement of production."

In the face of the sustained Ambani Jr. fusillade, it is surprising that the elder brother's camp is keeping mum. The silence is deafening. When an inarticulate person like chief lieutenant Manoj Modi is pressed into service to convince media owners and editors on the merits of RIL's position in the gas deal, then one knows that there is a complete bankruptcy of ideas in the Mukesh Ambani camp. Even legal eagle Harish Salve appears to be sheepish and on the back foot after the Anil Ambani attack.

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